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Europe's oldest inhabited city, Cadiz lies on the Atlantic shores of Andalusia. Its unspoiled golden beaches and authentic small-town personality give it a charming, peaceful feel that reverberates throughout its Moorish-style streets and squares.

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Spanish Courses Offered in Cadiz

CLIC Cadiz
Feedback: 8,0


Top ValueTop

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 80
  • Average Students All Year: 10
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Classrooms: 8
  • Minimum Age: 17
  • Lesson Duration: 50
  • Courses Duration: 2-52
Positive / negative
  • Competitive pricing.

  • Quality assurance offered by International House membership and certification from The Cervantes Institute and EAQUALS.

  • You can enjoy 2 different cities, if you decide to combine your course with their school in Seville.

  • Lack of extensive on-site facilities such as cafeteria or patio.

  • Bi-weekly start dates.

K2 Internacional
Best ActivityBest

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 40
  • Average Students All Year: 20
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Classrooms: 7
  • Minimum Age: 17
Positive / negative
  • Small school and therefore more personalized attention

  • Cadiz does not have such a high presence of tourists, therefore there is more of a possibility to practice Spanish

  • The school is a renovated traditional building with a beautiful terrace in the very centre of Cadiz

  • Enrollment fee of €30 (although compared to other Spanish schools in Cadiz, this is the least expensive enrollment fee)


What Previous Students Think About Cadiz

About Cadiz

Cadiz is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets. This unique destination is recommended for students who want to spend a few weeks or months enjoying a small historic city, and miles of long white beaches. The city is authentically Spanish; although Cadiz attracts some foreign visitors, it mainly receives national tourism. The centre offers many shops, cafés and tapas places, as well as great nightlife venues.

Cadiz is built on a narrow sliver of land, almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its long seawalls, golden sunsets and antique feel: famously, scenes of the James Bond film Die Another Day were shot here. Inside the old city, students can visit several interesting sights, like Plaza del Mina where Manuel de Falla was born, the monument to the Spanish Constitution of 1812 and the camara oscura lookout tower.

In Cadiz, Spanish is spoken with an Andalusian accent, which is not as clearly pronounced as the pure Castilian Spanish spoken in Madrid. But the locals are very friendly and immersion students will find it easy to socialise and practice their language skills here. Summer weather in Cadiz is hot, dry and sunny, but winter weather is changeable with rain and wind. The main city area itself is fairly small. These factors make Cadiz an ideal destination for students staying a few weeks or months during summer, or combining it with another city. Recommended accompanying immersion destinations could include Madrid and Barcelona, which are Spain’s two largest cosmopolitan cities. Offering many months’ worth of culture, history, entertainment and other activities, these destinations provide an interesting, if more expensive, contrast to the small seaside city of Cadiz.

Cadiz has a great tradition of music, dancing and street fairs—today, these are stronger than ever. Cadiz is reputedly the cradle of flamenco music. One of the most legendary flamenco artists, El Camarón, was a gypsy from Cadiz, famous for his duende, or passion, and his incredible range of voice. In Cadiz city today, you’ll find many authentic flamenco tablaos, or bars, in the Santa Maria neighbourhood; local and visiting singers, guitarists and dancers put on shows all throughout the year, and especially in the summer.

Cadiz is probably most famous in Spain for its extravagant springtime carnival. The whole area takes part in the two-week celebrations. Cadiz is reputedly the most humorous province in Spain, and the city’s carnival is a great showcase of typical gaditano wit. Where many world carnivals concentrate on glamorous shows and costumes, the Cadiz carnival is a showcase of acerbic parody. At the centre of the carnival are singing groups called chirigotas, who delight their audience with satirical songs and comical performances, often based on current Spanish affairs.

Cadiz prices are much lower than in other Spanish seaside cities that receive more foreign tourism. Eating out is extremely cheap; there are not many places in Spain where 3 euros will buy you two tapas and a drink, but Cadiz is fortunately still one of them.


Cadiz is for people who like small cities. It is a paradise of quiet beaches mixed with an impressive nightlife, ample shopping and a moderate amount of cultural sites. Music is somewhat a part of the city’s personality; flamenco was born here and the city is famous throughout Spain for its carnival, which occurs every year before spring.

Cadiz has quite a large student population due to the university and learning Spanish here is quite straightforward as the official language is Castilian (Spanish). Living in Cadiz will show you the genuine Spain!

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