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The Intensive Spanish language courses with 25 to 35 Spanish classes per week are popular amongst students who are staying in Spain for a shorter period of time, or for students who need to learn the Spanish language for future studies or professional use as soon as possible.

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Most Popular Intensive Spanish Courses


Where better to emerge yourself into an intensive Spanish course, than in the beautiful capital city of Madrid. Culture, sport, friendly locals, great food and a wonderful atmosphere - you are bound to have the time of your life.
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Sampere Madrid
Feedback: 8,2


Best ActivityBest

  • Students per class: Max. 9
  • Average Students Summer: 125
  • Average Students All Year: 45
  • Year Founded: 1956
  • Classrooms: 15
Positive / negative
  • Experience (teaching languages for more than 50 years).

  • Course very well rated by former students.

  • Small number of students per class, which increase interaction and learning possibilities.

  • Price (for short-term courses).



Not only is Valencia home to some of the most beautiful historical buildings in Spain, it also boasts a beautiful stretch of sandy beaches, and a developing modern scientific scene. Altogether this is the perfect learning environment for an intensive Spanish course.
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The cultural centre of southern Spain, Seville, is the ideal location in which to undertake an intensive Spanish course. With so many things to see, you will never be lost for things to do.
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CLIC Sevilla
Feedback: 8,8


Top QualityTop

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 80
  • Average Students All Year: 250
  • Year Founded: 1983
  • Classrooms: 35
Positive / negative
  • Student mix (Foreign students studying Spanish and Spanish students studying foreign languages).

  • The price.

  • Broad range of courses.

  • Text Book not included 20€


About the Intensive Spanish Courses

The intensive language courses are similar to the standard language courses arranged by private language schools throughout Spain. However the Intensive language course offers at least 25 Spanish language classes per week and also a number of free time activities outside class hours. These activities include from cultural activities like guided visits to museums to welcome parties and weekend excursions.

The average class also has less students compared to the standard language course with around 4-10 students per group, which allows each teacher to give more personal attention to each student. Like in the standard language courses the classes focus on grammar, vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language and as, there are more hours per week, the student will have more time for optional subjects, presentations or more time to work on the most difficult parts of the grammar.

For Whom are these Courses Best Suited

For students who are planning to study for less than 4 weeks (or who wish to progress in the language more rapidly) we can recommend an intensive language course to improve your Spanish language as much as possible during your time in Spain.

For students who are planning to study for more than 12 weeks or who don't like to study that much we can recommend the standard language courses where you will have about 20 classes per week and therefore more free time available. (see Standard Spanish language Courses for further information).

Some Universities also arrange intensive language courses with about 25 hours of class per week and with fewer students per class than the normal semester language courses. The main difference between an intensive language course arranged by a private school and an intensive language course arranged by a University are:

  • The Service - a private school offers far more free time activities and excursions, the facilities are in general of a more modern standard and the administration is more professional.

  • The Classes - there are more students per class in the intensive language courses arranged by the universities. Although the number of students per class is not as high as in the standard semester language courses, there are still on average 10-15 students per class in the intensive language courses arranged by the Universities (apart from Malaga University which arranges an intensive course with max 7 students per class). It is a clear advantage to have less students per class as the students gets more out of the class due to more personal attention from the teacher, accelerating the learning process.

  • The Price - the language course fees for an intensive Spanish language course are on average lower at the Universities, although the difference is not that significant for intensive Spanish language courses in comparison to long-term Spanish language courses, which are much cheaper at Universities.

  • The Diploma - you will always receive a diploma when you finish your Spanish language course, but in the opinion of many (students, parents and employers) a university Spanish language course and diploma has more prestige.

As the price difference between intensive Spanish language courses at private schools and universities for short-term Spanish language courses is minimal we strongly recommended a private school over a University due to its superior service and fewer students per class, unless it is more important for you to have a diploma from a university.


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