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The Standard Spanish course is the most popular Spanish course amongst foreigners who wish to learn Spanish, and typically offers 20 Spanish classes per week.

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Most Popular Standard Courses


Home to one of the best football teams in the world; shops as far as the eye can see; an exciting nightlife; and of course friendly locals to make studying on a Standard course in Barcelona a wonderful experience.
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Barcelona University (UAB)
Feedback: 7,5


Most PopularMost

  • Students per class: Max. 15
  • Average Students Summer: 800
  • Average Students All Year: 500
  • Year Founded: 1999
Positive / negative
  • Great number of students in the school: ideal for those who want to socialize

  • Facilities

  • Number of students per class

  • Free time activities



With a perfect combination of tradition and a buzzing student life, Salamanca offers a unique experience for those deciding to take part in a Standard course in this wonderful city.
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Sampere Salamanca
Feedback: 9,7


Top QualityTop

  • Students per class: Max. 9
  • Average Students Summer: 75
  • Average Students All Year: 25
  • Year Founded: 1992
Positive / negative
  • Few students per class

  • Small school: very personal

  • Very well rated by former students

  • Price (for short-term courses)



Sun, sea and sand just can’t be beaten in this beautiful and relaxing city. This developing student city of Malaga certainly will not fail to provide those on a Standard course with an exhilarating experience.
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Malaca Instituto
Feedback: 9,5


Top QualityTop

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 300
  • Average Students All Year: 180
  • Year Founded: 1971
Positive / negative
  • Luxury installations.

  • Broad range of courses available.

  • Not as easily accessible by foot as other schools.

  • In the high price range.


About the Standard Spanish Courses

The standard Spanish language courses are arranged by the many private language Spanish language schools throughout Spain. A typical Spanish language course offers around 20 Spanish language classes per week and normally also a number of free-time activities outside class hours. These activities range from Spanish cultural activities like guided visits to Spanish museums to welcome parties and weekend excursions.

The average class has around 6-12 students per class, which allows the Spanish language teacher to give personal attention to each student. Many of the teachers also participate in the free-time activities, it creates a very good relation between the Spanish language course teachers and Spanish language course students. The 4 hour Spanish language classes per day focus on Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language and Spanish culture and are based on the active participation of all students.

For Whom are these Courses Best Suited

The standard Spanish course can be recommended for anyone planning to study Spanish for about 4 to 20 weeks. This is a Spanish language course for people who enjoy a lot of free-time activities arranged and who like to get to know new people, especially as most students travel alone. This Spanish language course can also be recommended if the students wants to combine his Spanish language studies with a type of vacation or trip.

For students who are planning to study Spanish for less than 4 weeks (or who would like faster progress in Spanish) we can recommend an intensive Spanish course to improve your Spanish as much as possible while you are in Spain (see Intensive Spanish Courses for further information on this type of language course).

If you are planning to stay for more than 20 weeks or if the Spanish language course price is an important factor for you, a good alternative might be a Spanish course in one of the public Spanish Universities.

The main differences between a standard Spanish course arranged by a private Spanish school and a Spanish course arranged by a Spanish university are:

  • The Spanish Classes - the qualification of teachers is the same in private Spanish schools and Spanish universities but as the number of students per Spanish class is normally much lower in a private Spanish school, the students learn faster and get more individual attention from the teacher.
  • The Service - a private Spanish school offers far more free time activities and excursions, the facilities are of a more modern standard and the administrations are efficient.
  • The Price - the Spanish course fees are normally much lower at the Spanish universities, especially for long-term Spanish courses.
  • The Diploma - you will always receive a Spanish language diploma when you have finished your Spanish language course but in the opinion of many (students, parents and employers) a Spanish university course and diploma has more prestige.

For students who are planning to study Spanish for long periods (+20 weeks) the main advantages of a private Spanish school (service and classes) becomes less important as the student has more time to experience Spain and the Spanish culture on their own (they do not need so many free time activities arranged). They are staying a long time and they will learn Spanish not only from studying in class but also from living in Spain.


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