Help Choosing Spanish Course

Questions, concerns, doubts about where in Spain, to study, which school to select, what Spanish program is right for you? We can help!

Our experienced staff are happy to help you choose the right program. You can contact us by email, by chat, via telephone, or on Skype. We also offer a small questionnaire to tell us your preferences and question. Our team will respond to you with personalized help.

Like to discover and decide on your own? We have several comparison and information tools to help you choose your perfect program.

Help Choosing City And Spanish School Tool

If you're having a hard time deciding between cities and Spanish schools for your studies in Spain, this tool will help you make a well-informed decision.

Simply answer 8 short questions regarding to the city (such as the importance to you of size, weather, culture) and 9 questions regarding to your preferences related to the Spanish school and you'll be one step closer to your ideal Spanish experience!

To try this tool just use the following link: Help Choose Tool

Help Choosing Tool Snapshot

Course Finder

Our detailed tool that lets you compare multiple schools and cities. You can factor in your accomodation needs, set a maximum price, select a course duration.

You can sort your results by price, destination, course, and rate. Course Finder

Course Finder

Compare Schools

This is a tool that offers you the possibility to compare as many schools as you like side by side. For all the schools you compare you can see the basic facts (size, levels, number of students, etc.), the ratings and comments of previous students, positive and negative aspects of each school, accreditations, prices and much more.Compare Schools

School Comparator

UniSpain's Blog

In the UniSpain blog you can find a number of useful posts that can help you choose the right Spanish course. Take a look at the category Spanish schools in Spain where you can find articles like the Top 5 best Spanish schools in Spain or the Top 5 cheapest Spanish schools in Spain or take a look at the posts that are tagged Useful Information where you can find Help Choosing the Right Course or City.

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