Online Spanish Courses

Today’s online Spanish courses are a far cry from traditional CD-based home learning packages. Although many online Spanish courses incorporate self-teaching tools like videos, tests, audio tracks and interactive exercises, some also include an innovative human element.

For example, Start Spanish, the online course offered by, includes live “on demand” Spanish classes on their website. These e-classes are lead by native teachers every day of the week, and are available at many different levels.

Benefits of Studying Online

The hectic schedule of many professionals, students or people with families often leaves little free time for going to Spanish classes. Online courses provide a time-saving and flexible way to learn at home, during your lunch break, or even while sitting on the beach.

And in the same way that online courses free up time, they also save money. If you choose a good online Spanish course, you could benefit from high quality tuition at less than half the cost of presential group classes in your home country.

Accessing live conversation with native teachers is probably the greatest benefit of studying Spanish online, if you choose a course like where this feature is available. Live e-classes make learning less lonely, get you used to native speakers’ accents, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your study goals.

Boost Your Skills Before Going to Study Spanish in Spain

Are you planning a trip to Spain to study Spanish? Taking an online course before you depart is an excellent way to brush up and build confidence.

Grammar and vocabulary revision is important, but getting the opportunity to hear native accents before you land in Spain will “tune you in” to the nuances of the language.

Most people who travel to Spain for an immersion experience are doing it to improve their listening and speaking skills. Online Spanish courses like StartSpanish are not the same as living in Spain of course, but they can be the next best thing, to get you used to the way native Spanish people speak. It can give you a distinct advantage, for when you finally arrive in Spain and need to communicate in Spanish all the time.

Online Spanish programmes also allow you to track your progress, through tests and interactive study tools, so that you know your strengths and weaknesses. This in turn will give you more focus during your immersion experience abroad.

About StartSpanish Online Courses

UniSpain works with StartSpanish because their courses are highly flexible and focus on human interaction. The StartSpanish approach to online learning consists of three elements: live online group classes, one-to-one sessions and interactive self-learning.

You don’t need to download software or buy CDs, because all the online lessons and course tools and materials are offered directly on the StartSpanish website.

All you’ll need is a computer or a laptop, with either a headset or built in speakers and microphone, to be able to join the e-classes.

Get a FREE StartSpanish course with your UniSpain booking
When you book any UniSpain course, you’ll receive a free on month Super Intensive online course, worth $79.

The free course lasts for one month, and you can attend unlimited Group Live Sessions, private One-to-One classes, and gain full access to the interactive online course – all before you depart for Spain.

Try It Out First

Want to see how it works? You can try the StartSpanish language programme for five full days, at no charge. The trial also includes one free group lesson or one private class.

Other Spanish Courses Offered by UniSpain

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Have a look at UniSpain’s Standard Spanish language courses. These typically offer around 20 Spanish classes per week, plus a number of fun free time activities that will greatly improve your Spanish skills outside the classroom.

Also check out our Intensive Spanish language courses, popular amongst students staying in Spain for a shorter, but far more focused and efficient study period.


University Spanish courses are another excellent way to improve your Spanish – as well as putting something impressive on your CV. The UniSpain Spanish courses held at some of Spain’s best public universities are popular among students between 18-30 years old, who are studying Spanish in Spain for a longer period of time.

Those looking to combine their Spanish studies with a summer vacation, or who want to study in Spain during the sunny months, will love the UniSpain Summer Spanish language courses.

We also have Spanish courses specially designed for Teenagers These are really popular during the summer holiday months and ideal for youngster between 13-17 years old.

For the older students (usually 50+), we offer Mature Spanish language courses. These courses additionally focus on interesting free-time, social and cultural activities, like Spanish cooking lessons, Flamenco dancing classes, visits to museums, cultural lectures and trips to restaurants or tapas bars.

UniSpain also offers Business Spanish language courses for young professionals and business students, where specialist topics, vocabulary and practical exercises prepare students for access to careers in Spanish or Hispanic companies or industry sectors.

Finally, if you are looking to certify your Spanish level for academic or employment purposes, or just want to have an official diploma that proves your skill level, you can also take a DELE preparation Spanish language course