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If you are responsible for a group of a minimum of 5 people that are interested in learning Spanish in Spain, we can offer you standard Spanish courses or special personalized programs for your group only in more than 40 different private language schools and public universities throughout Spain.

Spanish programs available

Depending on the size of your group, the Spanish level of your group members and your special requests regarding the Spanish course, we can offer you various choices.

If you are looking for a standard Spanish course we can offer two different options. You can either participate in one of the ongoing Spanish programs already arranged by the schools, or we can arrange a standard Spanish course only for members of your group.

As the price for a group partially depends on the number of students on each course, the first option will be cheaper for smaller groups (5-7 students) or for groups where the participants have different levels of Spanish. The main disadvantage of this option is that you will have to follow the standard structure of the courses regarding starting dates, hours per week and the length of the course.

If you prefer a Spanish course only for your group members, we can offer you complete flexibility regarding hours per week, starting dates and course length.

The last option available is a completely personalized program just for your group. This could be Spanish with a specific focus on business, medical vocabulary, law, or any other subject that might be of interest to your group members. This type of program can be of any length and there are also flexible starting dates and hours per week.

Personalised Cultural and Extracurricular Activity Programs

Apart from the Spanish courses, and in collaboration with different language schools and local travel agents, we can arrange a complete personalised cultural and extracurricular activity program for your group.

This can include both local activities as well as excursions outside the city- for example guided visits to the local tourist attractions, flamenco classes, Spanish cooking classes, meet-ups with Spanish students, tickets to local events and so on.

Why UniSpain

Help finding the best Spanish school or university for your group.

We have been offering Spanish courses in Spain since 2001 and we work with only the best schools and universities out of the 2000+ registered Spanish schools in Spain.

Best group discounts available

We have negotiated special discounts for groups (both with private language schools as well as public universities) and can offer you discounts of between 15% and 40%, and even more for larger groups.

Special requests

You may have special requests regarding cultural and extracurricular activities that the school will not be able to provide you with (especially in public universities). We are registered as a travel agency in Spain and have connections with local and national travel agencies all over the country, therefore can help you to obtain quotes for special requests.

Getting a quotation for your group has never been easier.

Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you with different quotations according to your requirements.

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