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Spanish language Summer Camps

Spanish language camps are a great way to give your child an international experience that will be a head start in thriving in an ever more globalised world.

Held at some of the most vibrant and popular destinations in Spain, the camps offer an array of wholesome and educational activities that include Spanish language courses, cultural excursions, sports, various competitions and recreational events. All this while your child has the opportunity to acquire an international network of friends who come from all over the globe.

The three Spanish language camps available are hosted by three of Spain’s top language institutes:

Malaca Instituto Summer Camp

These camps in the beautiful seaside city of Malaga in the South of Spain, are for teenagers aged between 16 and 19 years old.

The Spanish Courses consist of 4 different levels and the students will have 15 hours of classes per week combined with loads of cultural programs and recreational activities. These extras will consist of classes in Spanish cuisine, Flamenco, Film etc. that will give them a great taste of vibrant, authentic Andalusian Spanish culture.

The students have the option of being lodged with a Spanish host-family, in a shared apartment, or at a student residence.

The host-family option comes with half-board (breakfast and lunch)with welcoming carefully selected families to suit your needs (non-smoking, pet allergies, vegetarian diet etc.).

The shared apartments are modern within proximity to the school and come with a swimming pool and all necessary amenities to be shared with other inhabitants.

The student residence is situated on the school’s main building site and is well equipped with various facilities (pool, restaurant, sports and multimedia rooms etc.)

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 300
  • Average Students All Year: 180
  • Year Founded: 1971
Positive / negative
  • Luxury installations.

  • Broad range of courses available.

  • Not as easily accessible by foot as other schools.

  • In the high price range.

Teenage Summer Courses

  Starting Dates Prices Teenage Summer course 15
2 Weeks29 Jul 2024 to 09 Aug 2024Official Price481€
Our Price457€
12 Aug 2024 to 24 May 2024Official Price481€
Our Price457€
4 Weeks29 Jul 2024 to 23 Aug 2024Official Price947€
Our Price900€

There is an additional inscription fee of 70 eur charged by the school


Starting Dates

15h Teenage Course

All Levels: 29 Jul 2024 to 09 Aug 2024, 29 Jul 2024 to 23 Aug 2024, 12 Aug 2024 to 24 May 2024.

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CLIC Cadiz Camp

These camps in the culturally rich city of Cadiz compromise children of all ages; from the tweens through to the young adults (ages 13-17).

The Spanish courses entail 7 different Spanish levels of small class sizes (6-12 students per class) and comprise 20 hours of Spanish per week plus extra cultural programs coupled with extra curricular activities, sports, cultural visits and excursions.

Student are lodged either with a carefully selected Spanish host-family in a double room with another student or at a room in a Student Residence. All lodgings are within proximity to the school’s campus with the amenities to enable your child a comfortable stay.

The entire experience is dynamic and aimed at fully immersing the student in the Spanish lifestyle so that they, the teachers, and staff alike, feel like one big family.

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 80
  • Average Students All Year: 10
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Classrooms: 8
  • Minimum Age: 17
  • Lesson Duration: 50
Positive / negative
  • Competitive pricing.

  • Quality assurance offered by International House membership and certification from The Cervantes Institute and EAQUALS.

  • You can enjoy 2 different cities, if you decide to combine your course with their school in Seville.

  • Lack of extensive on-site facilities such as cafeteria or patio.

  • Bi-weekly start dates.

Sorry, there are not available courses. More Information

Aston Summer Camps

These camps are held in the world-renowned metropolitan city of Barcelona. The student body is comprised of both native Spanish students studying English and a mix of international students from all over studying Spanish. This creates a great total immersion setting riddled with constant opportunities for English-Spanish language exchange amongst the children.

The Spanish courses comprise 3 different Spanish levels and are held 15 hours a week in small classes of 12 students each at the most. The students are organized into groups based on their age and Spanish level which is determined by a placement test upon their arrival, and upon completion of the course, will be granted with a course certificate indicating the level attained.

All learning materials are supplied and the teachers are qualified native Spanish speakers who conduct the lessons in Spanish but are also able to communicate in English and French if needed by students who are complete beginners in Spanish.

The students will enjoy ample time dedicated to recreational activities and organised cultural excursions on weekends.

Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the available facilities (gym and sports court) as well as head out into the dynamic city of Barcelona to discover the various local sites and traditions that the city is known for.

The Residence Àgora is where the students will be lodged in a safe, classy neighbourhood 12 minutes from the city’s centre and only 20 minutes from the airport.

The room are double, triple or quadruple in nature with with ensuite bathroom, plenty of light and outside views, air conditioning, a study desk, a wardrobe and cable Internet connection. The residence is efficiently run with the daily cleaning of rooms - including laundry services and upkeep of sheets, towels etc.

The students benefit from several communal rooms with TV, DVD installations and others for studying purposes. Free Wi-Fi i 24/7 is available throughout the residence. To top it all off, the residence boasts a private garden with terraces, and parents can be assured of their children’s safety thanks to the night surveillance and security guard on site.

All prices include full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner including salads and desserts - 19 meals a week, vegetarian and special dietary requirements considered), weekly laundry services for bedding, linen and towels, health insurance, sporting activities, academic materials and weekend excursions.

Sorry, there are not available courses. More Information

For Whom are these Summer Camps Best Suited

The teenage Spanish summer camp is ideal for young children and teenagers who want to spend an exciting, unforgettable summer learning Spanish in a dynamic international context. The camps are designed around a solid educational framework delivered through world-class language courses, fun events, and engaging workshops. Campers are also entertained with a full program of recreational and leisure activities, providing them with an adventuresome experience that's nothing like a dry and boring study camp.

Other Schools that offer Junior and Teenage Spanish Summer Courses - Other Summer Camps

We can also offer summer camps in Spain in collaboration with other Spanish language schools and camps throughout Europe. For further information about these summer camps or if you have any questions please Contact us.

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