Business Spanish Courses

Business Spanish Courses that Cater to Professional Clients

The Business Spanish Courses are popular among both business people and students studying a business career. They enable you to gain an insight into the Spanish business world by learning about business structure and management in Spain, business manners and special business jargon etc.

Most Popular Business Spanish Courses


The capital of Spain - you could not find a more exciting and happening place in Spain in which to study on a Business course. The locals are extremely helpful and you never know this could be the start to a new future!


The home of fashion, the home of sport, the home of culture – these are the norms we link to Barcelona, but none of these would be possible without a fantastic business scene. So pack your bags and enrol on a Business course in Barcelona.

Camino Barcelona
Feedback: 9,0


Great PricesGreat

  • Lesson Duration: 50
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Books Included: No
  • Closest Airport: Barcelona Airport
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Exchange Offered: Yes
  • Courses Duration: 2-52
  • Classrooms: 9
  • Spanish Levels: 6
  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 390
  • Average Students All Year: 200

This course is for anyone with a professional aspiration or need to work and thrive in Spanish-speaking professional environments; whether it be in Spain or in the countries of Latin-America. This course is fine-tuned to develop Spanish speaking abilities across various areas of business, with the flexibility to choose exactly which topics would be most relevant to your needs according to 4 different 1 week modules that are comprised of 10 lessons. This course is only suited to learners who already have an intermediate level in Spanish, and can be combined with another general Spanish language course.

Camino Barcelona 10 Business Spanish lessons per week
  Official Price Our Price
2 Weeks 658€ 443€
4 Weeks 1,256€ 1,197€


As well as the cultural scene expanding, Malaga is rapidly becoming one of the richest and most diverse business areas in Spain, especially with the newly developed harbour area, so where better to learn on a Business course?

Malaca Instituto
Feedback: 9,5


Top QualityTop

  • Lesson Duration: 50
  • Year Founded: 1971
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Books Included: Yes
  • Closest Airport: Malaga Airport
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Exchange Offered: No
  • Courses Duration: 2-52
  • Classrooms: 25
  • Spanish Levels: 6
  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 300
  • Average Students All Year: 180

The Spanish for Business courses at Malaca Instituto are ideal for students with a previous knowledge of the Spanish language who are looking to develop their career or knowledge in the Spanish-speaking business world. The course includes 30 lessons a week, divided between Intensive Spanish and Business Spanish. The minimum age for these courses is 25, with the duration ranging from 1-4 weeks, and there are numerous activities organised during the week for your enjoyment.

Malaca Instituto 30 Business Spanish lessons per week
  Official Price Our Price
2 Weeks 1,269€ 1,186€
4 Weeks 2,432€ 2,267€

About the Business Spanish Courses

The Business Spanish course enables students and professionals from all over the world to get an insight into the Spanish business world. In this type of course you will learn about concepts and theories of commerce in Spain, business structure and management in Spain, business manners and special business jargon, commercial relationships and much more.

The business courses are normally short-term courses of between 2 and 4 weeks where you receive some basic Spanish teaching, a general introduction to business Spanish and normally you will also have the opportunity to select specialized optional classes.

There are two different types of business Spanish courses. A general business course and a business course where students afterwards can take the Madrid Chamber of Commerce Exam.

The Chamber of Commerce Exam is a recognised examination for Spanish business vocabulary and arranged in collaboration with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Alcala University.

The main difference between these two courses is that the Chamber of Commerce course will also focus a lot of time on preparing for the exam whereas the general business courses have more time for specialized subjects according to the students requests.

The way of teaching combines the traditional Spanish teaching of grammar and vocabulary with the use of authentic business materials such as newspapers, interviews, videos, brochures, business letters, etc. and is very focused on improving both communicative and written skills.

For Whom are these Courses Best Suited

The Spanish business courses are aimed at students and business professionals with a special interest in the Spanish business world. Most professionals who take this course are either doing business in Spain or are planning to establish business contacts in the Spanish speaking world. The students taking this program are normally business students who are specialized in the Spanish speaking world, who are interested in continuing their studies in Spain or just in general like to improve their future business career and opportunities.

As these courses are taught at a high level, most programs require that the student has at least an intermediate level of Spanish to be able to follow the course.


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