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Sevilla is a big and vibrant city that offers the essence of Andalusia; friendly people and a welcoming atmosphere. Its profound culture, some of Spain's greatest traditional fiestas, and over 300 days of sun per year are a few of its appeals.

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Spanish Courses Offered in Sevilla

CLIC Sevilla
Feedback: 8,8


Top QualityTop

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 80
  • Average Students All Year: 250
  • Year Founded: 1983
  • Classrooms: 35
Positive / negative
  • Student mix (Foreign students studying Spanish and Spanish students studying foreign languages).

  • The price.

  • Broad range of courses.

  • Text Book not included 20€


  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 80
  • Average Students All Year: 40
  • Year Founded: 1983
  • Classrooms: 18
  • Minimum Age: 16
Positive / negative
  • Wide range of programs offered and very flexible course options

  • Over 30 years of experience

  • Eight hours of extra-curricular cultural activities included in the price

  • Beginners have less flexible starting date options


What Previous Students Think About Sevilla

About Sevilla

Known as Seville in English, Sevilla is the sunny, romantic and passionate capital city of Andalusia. Sevilla is highly recommended to students seeking an intensive short- to medium-term immersion experience, from 2 weeks to 6 months. The city offers precious historical architecture and a lively flamenco culture, and the locals are truly friendly and welcoming. While the extreme heat in July and August may be too much for some students, during the rest of the year Sevilla offers a pleasant riverside ambience dotted with outdoor restaurants and bar terraces.

Although Sevilla receives many foreign visitors, they are mainly interested in culture and architecture, and the city has not been spoiled by cheaper package tourism. Also, having hosted several important international events like the Expo ‘92 and the world athletics championships in 1999, Seville has excellent infrastructure and an efficient, cheap bus service. The historic Old Town of Seville can easily be covered on foot, and there is also an inexpensive, public bicycle rental service available at various points within the city. Since Seville has recently invested in more bicycle lanes and has many beautiful bridges, cruising along the river on a bicycle is a great way to see the sights.

Sevilla offers stunning historical architecture, which is famous worldwide. In fact, Sevilla’s elaborate Moorish palace, Alcázar, recently shot to international fame as one of the filming locations for the hit TV series Game of Thrones. The other main attractions in Sevilla include the Cathedral, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the whole world. Its central nave rises to an amazing 42 metres in height and its gold decorations are breathtaking. The towering La Giralda that accompanies it is in fact a former minaret that was converted into the cathedral’s bell tower in 1198. Other sights in Sevilla include the 16th century city palace of Lebrija with its Roman mosaics and artefacts, and Sevilla’s magical Jewish Quarter where you can get lost in the narrow and winding streets. The pretty Maria Luisa Park is also a great place to relax and unwind, admire flowers and trees or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Seville is also known for tapas and flamenco. The city offers a great variety of restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs, all of which are very inexpensive and perfect for student budgets. A popular night out in Sevilla will start with going out for tapas, often available for free with a drink in many of the city’s restaurants and bars. As far as cuisine is concerned, Sevilla offers the finest of Andalusian food: students can sample olives, gazpacho, cheese, wines, cured ham and of course, Sevilla’s famous oranges. After tapas it is traditional to continue on to the city’s nightspots. The neighbourhood of Triana is where most visitors and locals go to find authentic flamenco tablaos, but the area also offers many trendy nightclubs and rooftop bars, as well as traditional beer and wine taverns.

The weather in Sevilla is Mediterranean: summers are sunny, dry and hot, and winters are mild. The hottest months are between June and September, with temperatures peaking above 40ºC (105ºF) in July and August. Winter temperatures can fall as low as 6ºC (43ºF) and January is the coldest month of the year. Sporadic rainstorms and showers happen throughout the winter, in particular in November. Spring and autumn are pleasant, perfect for people who do not like extreme heat or cold—they are the most popular time to visit Sevilla.

The largest and liveliest festival in the city is the magnificent Sevilla fair, also known as feria de abril. It falls two weeks after Easter and is known for being one of the biggest events in the whole of Spain. Festivities last for six days and nights, and the party literally never stops during this period. Students who are lucky enough to witness this amazing festival of Andalusian colour will see energetic flamenco dancing, men and women dressed in traditional flamenco costume and lavishly decorated horse-drawn carriages. Food, drink, bullfights and fireworks all add to the Feria celebrations.

Sevilla’s locals speak Spanish with a very pronounced Andalusian accent. Although grammatically speaking it is exactly the same as pure Castilian Spanish, Seville pronunciation is very distinctive. It is particularly known for its “seseo”, or sibilant tones, and further characterised by consonants being dropped from the ends of sentences, and the use of many local colloquialisms. Many people find the Spanish spoken in Sevilla difficult to understand compared to Castilian Spanish, but once students learn the differences, they quickly get the hang of it. Additionally, Sevillanos are famous for their friendly and welcoming nature and this factor makes practicing Spanish in the city easy, encouraging and fun.

The cost of living in Sevilla is lower than in many parts of Spain. For example, renting accommodation and eating out are significantly cheaper than in almost all other Spanish cities. Sevilla is easy to walk around too, meaning that students do not need to always pay for public transportation. When sightseeing, students can buy the Sevilla Card, which will save money on entrance fees to attractions.


Sevilla is a typical Andalusian town where the people are very friendly and open to conversation. As the capital of Andalusia and after having arranged important international events like the Expo 92 and the world championship in athletics in 1999, the town has a perfect infrastructure and many public facilities. We recommend Sevilla for students who wish to study in an exciting town with a lot of fun, but with a lot of other foreign students and tourists. The town gets very hot and dry from July to September with average temperatures above 40º C (105º F).

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