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Salamanca is an ancient university town (its university is one of the oldest in Europe) that around 50,000 students from all over the world call home, giving it a young and cheerful atmosphere. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it holds great historical, cultural and artistic appeal.

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Spanish Courses Offered in Salamanca

First Class Salamanca University Package: A special program at Salamanca University for students who are looking for an all-inclusive package including Spanish course, high quality accommodation, free-time activities, medical insurance and more.

Salamanca University
Feedback: 8,8


Most PopularMost

  • Students per class: Max. 15
  • Average Students Summer: 2000
  • Average Students All Year: 2000
  • Year Founded: 1218
Positive / negative
  • Quality of courses

  • Many optional subjects to choose from

  • Access to all the university facilities

  • Price (in comparison with other Universities)

  • Not many levels

Sampere Salamanca
Feedback: 9,7


Top QualityTop

  • Students per class: Max. 9
  • Average Students Summer: 75
  • Average Students All Year: 25
  • Year Founded: 1992
Positive / negative
  • Few students per class

  • Small school: very personal

  • Very well rated by former students

  • Price (for short-term courses)

Tía Tula

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 70
  • Average Students All Year: 40
Positive / negative
  • Many optional subjects to choose from

  • Location

  • Enrollment Fee of 50€


What Previous Students Think About Salamanca

About Salamanca

Salamanca is a beautiful, historic university city located in Castile and Leon, an autonomous area in the central western part of Spain. It is highly recommended for students who are interested in stunning old architecture, a diverse and lively student population, a busy nightlife scene and a friendly atmosphere. People from Salamanca also have a reputation for speaking in a “pure” Castilian Spanish accent, which is easy for foreign students to understand. Salamanca lends itself especially well to long-term immersion stays of 6 months to 1 year, but is also enjoyable to visit during just a few weeks or months.

Salamanca is small, and it is easy to reach all the main city highlights by foot, although there is also a good bus service. The city is home to some of the best Renaissance buildings in Europe and known as one of the most picturesque cities in Spain—as well as a cradle of education. The impressive, ornate university buildings occupy part of the town and give it charming historical character, whilst the large student population provides the city with a young, busy atmosphere. In the centre of the city are Salamanca’s two cathedrals, old and new, right next to each other: the Romanesque-Gothic Catedral Vieja and the Baroque Catedral Nueva. Both cathedrals were built in these very differing styles, and are open to visitors who want to explore their awe-inspiring architecture. Other famous places of interest in Salamanca are the unusual House of Shells, a fifteenth century building entirely decorated with scallop shells, Salamanca’s old Roman bridge, and the Dominican monastery.

The Plaza Mayor is the pulse of Salamanca—here students can be found in large groups, enjoying tapas, coffees and drinks in the numerous cafes, restaurants and bars. It is also common to see local university students getting together on the streets of Salamanca in the warmer seasons, to hold impromptu parties.

There are many lively events in Salamanca throughout the year, from religious processions to music and film festivals, from art events to street parties, and from colourful parades to fantastic firework displays. Salamanca knows how to organise a party. A particular favourite is the San Juan de Sahagun feast, which is in honour of the city’s patron saint and falls in June. Eating Salamanca’s traditional dish, scallop pie, drinking wine, and dancing take place all over the city, and fireworks also mark the occasion.

Salamanca has a warm, dry climate. There is very little rain and most of it is concentrated in mid-winter and early spring. The warmest months are July and August, with temperatures going up to 39ºC (103ºF). The coolest months are December to February when temperatures can dip as low as zero. Carrying extra layers in winter is necessary in Salamanca, but equally in the summer, the sparsest of summer clothes will do. Visitors who do not like intense heat are advised to avoid mid-summer. Spring and autumn are generally the most pleasant

Salamanca is very inexpensive when compared to other Spanish cities, and as Spain is cheap by European standards, students can live here very comfortably. Because Salamanca is a university town, there is a lot of readily available, cheap accommodation. Students who have self-catering facilities will save a lot of money by preparing their own meals rather than eating out all the time. Although when it comes to eating out, Salamanca has a great range of tapas bars, cafeterias offering the Menu del Día and small restaurants for every budget.


Salamanca is the perfect location for people who wish to study in a small town that's still big enough to provide many free-time facilities. Salamanca was the first university town in Spain and the sand stone and renaissance buildings help to keep this atmosphere of a beautiful old university town. Another advantage for foreigners thinking about studying in Salamanca is that the Spanish spoken here is the 'purest' in Spain.

Other Services

Airport Pickup: We offer two types of airport pickup services from Barajas airport in Madrid (the nearest international airport) to Salamanca: We can take you directly from Barajas airport to your accommodation in Salamanca for 190€ per person (one way only). We can pick you up at Barajas airport and take you to the bus station, where we'll buy your ticket and escort you to the right bus. In Salamanca, you'll be met by our agent at the bus station and taken to your accommodation. This service has a cost of 110€ and includes the bus ticket. If you prefer going on your own we will be happy to provide you with bus schedules from Madrid to Salamanca and information about how to get to the coach station in Madrid.

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