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  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 150
  • Average Students All Year: 300
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Classrooms: 15
  • Minimum Age: 14
  • Lesson Duration: 60
  • Courses Duration: 2-48
  • Spanish Levels: 6
  • Books Included: No
Positive / negative
  • Cuenca is a city which has hardly any foreign presence; as a result, total immersion into Spanish culture is guaranteed.

  • The project offers each student an experience card, which enables them to make full use of the city’s facilities, including museums, libraries, transport, etc. It also allows them to receive special discounts in restaurants, bars and other places. Therefore students feel as though they belong to the city, as opposed to feeling like tourists.

  • Cuenca is a small city, with a population of around only 57,000. For those wanting a wide variety of things to do aside from learning Spanish, such as nightlife and shopping, then perhaps Cuenca will not suit them.

About Cuenca

Cuenca is a small medieval city in the centre of Spain, belonging to the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, and is the capital of the province of Cuenca. The city is awash with culture, stunning architecture and beautiful flora and fauna. In 1996 UNESCO declared the old quarter as a World Heritage site. The city, which is nestled upon rocks, lies between the two rivers of Júcar and Huécar and was once a fortress town during the Moorish occupation of Spain, due to its strategic location. Now, it actually consists of two separate parts: the old city and the newer one, divided by part of the Huécar river. The city is home to approximately 57,000 inhabitants.

Cuenca’s climate consists of hot summers (with cold nights due to the fact that the city is located approximately 1000m above sea level) and cold winters. The hottest months are July and August with average highs of 30 degrees Celsius, and the coolest is January, with an average high of 9 degrees Celsius. The yearly average high and low temperatures are 19 and 6 degrees Celsius respectively.

Main places of interest include the Our Lady of Grace Cathedral, the Church of St. Peter and the Bridge of St. Paul. Cuenca Castle consists of the ruins of an ancient Arab fortress, and the Hanging Houses are reminders of the typical style of building that existed in the city in the 15th century. Additionally, there are also many museums, such as the Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, and parks, such as Los Moralejos, to explore. Typical dishes from Cuenca are the result of a combination of the cuisine of the Serranía and Mancha regions, such as ‘Pisto manchego’ (a mixture of fried vegetables, similar to ratatouille) and ‘Morteruelo’ (a pate made from various meats). Cuenca celebrates Spanish national festivals, as well as some of its own such as St Julian’s Day on January 28th and St Matthew’s Day on September 21st, when a young bull is lead down the street.

There are two main railway stations in Cuenca, and the city is 50 minutes from Madrid and one hour from Valencia by AVE (high speed train). A recently-built motorway connects the city to nearby Tarancón. Unlike many other Spanish cities, Cuenca does not have a large presence of foreign tourism, making it perfect for those that want to fully immerse themselves in the Spanish language, culture and way of life.


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