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Find and Compare the Cheapest Spanish Course in Spain

Studying Spanish in Spain doesn’t always have to be an expensive endeavor. But for the average student, finding the best deals and knowing when and where seasonal specials are offered can be a difficult task – so we’ve done the work for you and put together a list of the most affordable Spanish courses offered throughout the country.

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Cheapest Spanish Courses in Spain


Offering pitch-perfect weather and an unbeatable beach experience, Tenerife is an ideal destination for those who wish to combine a study experience with the ease and enjoyment of island living.

Canarias Cultural
Feedback: 7,1


Great PricesGreat

  • Students per class: Max. 10
  • Average Students Summer: 40
  • Average Students All Year: 20
  • Year Founded: 2001
Positive / negative
  • Price.

  • Location, outside main tourist areas.

  • Nice weather all year round

  • Small range of courses available



A deeply historical city with a large and active student population, Granada’s attractiveness as a study destination is further enhanced by its proximity to some of the best beaches and ski slopes in Europe.

Escuela Delengua

  • Students per class: Max. 8
  • Average Students Summer: 65
  • Average Students All Year: 35
  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Classrooms: 6
  • Minimum Age: 16
Positive / negative
  • Few students per class

  • The school is in a renovated traditional building in the very centre of Granada, at the foot of the Albaicín, and is 3 storeys set around an interior patio with a beautiful terrace.

  • Duration of lessons



Graced by unforgettable Andalusian charm, Malaga feels more like a friendly town than the large city it is. Beaches, a laidback lifestyle, excellent food, and a fun nightlife scene make it one of Spain’s favorite study destinations.

Malaga University
Feedback: 7,8


Great PricesGreat

  • Students per class: Max. 15
  • Average Students Summer: 600
  • Average Students All Year: 170
  • Year Founded: 1947
  • Classrooms: 21
Positive / negative
  • One of the cheaper universities in Spain

  • Location: Just 2 minutes from the beach in a very nice area of Malaga

  • Few free time activities arranged

  • The distance to the Malaga University Campus


About Our Affordable Spanish Course Options

As with any product, price influences quality. Our affordable course options represent the cheapest language courses available in Spain and shouldn’t be expected to be on par with the higher-quality course selections offered on our site.

The difference is typically felt in higher student-to-teacher ratios, fewer staff, limited options with regard to starting dates, and simpler installations. For this reason, students who choose this option are encouraged to take the responsibility for fully productive learning to themselves. It should be noted, however, that as long as students are self-motivated none of the above shortcomings will negatively affect their learning experience.

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Are the Affordable Course Options for Me?

For those willing to settle on some of the factors listed above, our affordable course options represent a great way to enjoy a Spanish course in Spain for a price well below what one would normally expect.

Perhaps the most important benefit of these courses is that they allow students to study in Spain for a longer period of time than they would if they studied at a more expensive school. For example, a 1,000 € investment at the Proyecto Español school in Granada would allow the student to study for 11 weeks, while the same investment at the don Quijote school in the same city would only yield a five-week course. Especially for self-motivated learners, an affordably priced course should be regarded as an attractive option.


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