Why UniSpain (Why NOT UniSpain)

Read about our price policy, services, and guarantees to find out why booking a Spanish language course through UniSpain offers the best possible value for those who have made the wise decision to study Spanish in Spain. You can also find information about which clients might be better off not using UniSpain.

Our Price Guarantee

Sign up for a course via UniSpain on our website, and automatically get up to a 10% discount on standard course fees.

UniSpain’s Price Guarantee Challenge:
We're confident that we have the lowest prices around, not to mention excellent service! So confident are we of our ability to offer the lowest prices for our quality Spanish courses in Spain, that if you find any of the courses we offer advertised anywhere else at a lower price (at either a school or via an agency), we'll beat that price! We will match the price and, as a bonus, we will lower it by 5%. On top of that, we will give you a 2 month online Spanish course (worth $158) for free!

How can we offer such unbeatably low prices? Easy – we share our commission with you! Schools do pay a booking commission, of course, but we don't keep all of it – we share it with you to lower your fees! Our business model lets us offer you rates that are always below the official course prices. But don't take our word for it: see for yourself how we match up against any other agencies or schools.

Other Guarantees

Quality Schools: All of the schools we work with are officially recognized institutions that are well respected in the market and government-authorized to provide Spanish courses for foreigners. We carefully evaluate each one and make use of continuous client feedback to bring you the best Spanish schools in Spain.

No Fees: Unlike most agencies, we don't charge booking or processing fees.*
*The only exceptions are Complutense University and Granada University. These institutions don't offer agent commissions and we're forced to charge a small processing fee for student registration.

Experience: UniSpain is a well established agency with ample experience. We have been offering Spanish courses in Spain since 2001 and more than 8000 students have booked their language course through our company.

Security: UniSpain abides by strict EU data protection legislation and our online payment system is verified by PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

More Reasons to Book With Us

- We're truly a one-stop shop. We handle all the necessary paperwork, arrange accommodation and travel insurance, as well as provide the required documentation for visa application and school credit approval.

- Thanks to our varied selection of courses and destinations, we make it easy to combine courses in different cities and book flexible accommodation, giving you the freedom to study, travel, and vacation at your own pace.

- Easy booking and payment. You can book your course online within a few minutes and you can pay by PayPal, credit card or via bank transfer.

- Free online course. All clients that sign up to a Spanish course at UniSpain.com will receive a free one month online Spanish course with StartSpanish.com worth $79.

- We're always just a phone call, email, or Skype session away. And with offices in Spain, we're physically close at hand, too.

Booking with UniSpain vs booking directly with the school

There are over a thousand Spanish schools in Spain today, a constantly growing number that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. We work only with the best. Our friendly and qualified staff will help you choose the one that's right for you, and we even offer a range of online resources to help you along the decision-making process.

If you are wondering why you should book through UniSpain and not directly with the school, or why it works out cheaper to book with us instead of the school, or if you simply have security concerns over trusting an online agency, have a look at this article, as well as this one, on our blog.

Why NOT UniSpain

Although we genuinely believe that our service is the right choice for the majority people looking for a Spanish course in Spain, we are also aware that we are not the right option for absolutely everybody.

Online company: Some people prefer face-to-face communication, and feel it is important to sit down and talk to another person to help them decide what type of Spanish program to take. In this case, a local agent is a better choice. However, you should be prepared to pay more, as due to higher fixed costs and lower volumes, they are not able to offer the same prices as an online agency.

We are based in Spain: Although we do our very best to respond to all emails within a maximum of 24 hours, if you are located in a different time zone to ours, it might be slightly more difficult to get an immediate answer to your questions or to get in contact with us over the phone. (We do however have opening hours that should make it possible to contact us at some point of the day, no matter where in the world you are.) On the other hand, once you are in Spain this will prove to be positive because we will be very easy to contact if you need advice or have problems.

Language barriers: Every single one of our team members speaks both Spanish and English, amongst others, but we are unfortunately unable to answer everybody in their native language. If it is important for you to talk to someone in your native language then you might be better off using a local agent if available.

Service limitations: Our business model does restrict the service we can offer to our clients.

As we offer part of the commission we get from the schools as a discount to our clients and don’t charge any other fees to book through our agency, we have lower margins than most other agents.

This for example means that we do not offer 1 week courses on our website, as the administration and booking costs are higher than what we earn in commission on a 1 week course.

We also have some limitations on the extra services we can offer our clients. We are always available to support you and answer your questions but we do not have local UniSpain agents in all the destinations in which we offer Spanish courses and likewise are unable to offer extra activities such as trips or excursions.

We do have a special package where all these extra activities are included in the price, however, these packages are much more expensive than booking the course alone.

Accommodation: Along with all the Spanish courses available at UniSpain, we also offer accommodation. In most cases the accommodation is offered directly by the school but for some universities that don’t have an accommodation service, we have our own contacts- families, landlords and even local accommodation agencies.

Even though in some cases we do get a small commission when one of our clients book accommodation, we understand that this is not always the best nor the cheapest way to find accommodation in Spain.

Therefore all our courses can be booked without having to book accommodation as well. We have written several articles on our blog about the advantages and disadvantages of booking accommodation through a school or an agent, as well as guides about how to find accommodation on your own in Spain.

Who is UniSpain?

UniSpain is a registered trademark owned by Accom Consulting Spain S.L., a Spanish company officially listed under the Malaga Business Registry (Cif B92515113, Tomo 3501, Libro 2413, Folio 197). We're a young and enthusiastic team with over a decade in the industry, and we love what we do.

Collaboration Letters

All of the courses listed on our site are taught at the best language schools and universities in Spain. Each of them collaborates directly with UniSpain. See the links below for copies of our official collaboration letters: