Calculate Total Program Fees

Below you can find the prices for all the main Spanish courses available at Click on a city and a price list for each of the city's schools/universities will scroll down. To calculate the exact price for a program including accommodation fees we recommend that you use the price calculator above, since not all course combinations are displayed in the price tables.

Course Fees by Destination
Alicante  Alicante
Barcelona  Barcelona
Cadiz  Cadiz
Cuenca  Cuenca
Gran Canaria  Gran Canaria
Granada  Granada
Ibiza  Ibiza
Madrid  Madrid
Malaga  Malaga
Mallorca  Mallorca
Marbella  Marbella
Pamplona  Pamplona
Salamanca  Salamanca
San Sebastian  San Sebastian
Santiago  Santiago
Sevilla  Sevilla
Tenerife  Tenerife
Valencia  Valencia