Collaborate with UniSpain - More than 40 Spanish schools and great commissions

If you are a language travel agent and are interested in offering Spanish courses at more than 40 Spanish schools in Spain, we would be very happy to collaborate with you.

At UniSpain, we specialise in offering Spanish courses in Spain and offer courses lasting from 2 weeks up to one full year in 20 different destinations.

Why work with us?

  • We can offer you attractive commissions on all the courses we offer
  • We already have agreements with more than 40 Spanish schools in Spain
  • We have been offering Spanish courses in Spain since 2001 and we only work with the best schools and universities.
  • We are located in Spain and can offer you and your clients our physical presence in Spain
  • We can take both individual and group bookings
  • We can also offer special and individualized packages
  • We can offer you the possibility of an exclusive agreement for your area.

Why work with UniSpain and not directly with the Spanish schools?

We offer you a minimum commission on the courses, which is the same commission that most schools offer new clients that don’t send them a large number of clients each year.

So unless you work with a large number of students and therefore can negotiate special commissions with each school, you will earn the same in commission by working with us, as well as having all the following advantages:

We take care of all the agreements, communications and paperwork with the Spanish schools so all you have to worry about is selling more courses.

Booking a course has never been easier as you only have one point of contact. We also offer you full assistance in the sales process and will help you with all your enquiries to close the sales.

We can even offer you use of our online system to maintain and update prices on your site and transfer clients automatically to us when they have booked a course.

Aside from the above we can also offer you Spanish courses at public universities in Spain. In many cases public universities don’t offer accommodation and other services like pick-up or travel insurance. We have our own network in Spain, including our own local agents and contacts as well as landlords and host families in case schools do not offer accommodation, which means that you can offer programs to your clients that would be difficult to offer without a physical network in Spain

If you are interested in further information about how we can collaborate please use the contact form below.

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