Test - Weeks Needed to Learn Spanish Fluent

Curious about how much time you'll need to learn Spanish fluently? This test will give you an approximation by taking into account factors such as age, number of languages spoken and your living arrangements while in Spain (whether or not you'll be living with a host family, for example).

Since so many factors can influence the amount of time it could take you to learn a new language, this test is designed merely to give you an indication. Results should not be interpreted as any type of guarantee on the part of UniSpain.

Week Level Estimate Test

1. How many languages do you speak fluently at the moment?
2. Do you speak any Latin languages (Italian, French or Portuguese)?
3. What is your current level of Spanish?

4. What type of accommodation do you plan to use in Spain?
5. How many classes per week have you planned on doing while you are in Spain?
6. How hard do you plan to study outside school each day?
7. Do you plan to find a Spanish language exchange partner, a job or to socialise with Spaniards to practice your Spanish outside class?
8. When it comes to practising your Spanish outside class (in shops, restaurants, with locals) on a scale from 1-5 how open minded and extrovert are you (with 5 being the most open minded)?
9. How motivated are you to learn Spanish on a scale from 1-5 how? (are you doing it because it looks good on your CV or for university credits or because you really want/need to learn to speak Spanish)