Test - Pocket Money Needed for your Trip to Spain

Need to know how much money you'll be spending once you get to Spain? Use our Pocket Money Calculator, which takes into account factors such as what city you'll be living in, what kind of accommodation you'll be arranging and what sort of lifestyle you'll be maintaining.

Results are based on research and native knowledge of Spain, but we still urge you to interpret them as orientative (as every student is different it is very difficult to estimate how much you will spend when you i.e. go out at night or go on excursions so we have used average figures and estimates).

Pocket Money Needed in Spain Test

1. Which city are you planning to go to?  

2. What type of accommodation are you planning to stay in?  

3. Are you on a tight budget / will you try to save money whenever possible?  

4. Do you plan to eat lunch out?  

5. Do you plan to eat dinner out?  

6. How many times per week do you plan to go out at night (bars/clubs)?  

7. How many times per week do you plan to go out at night (cinema/cafes/other social events)?  

8. How often do you plan to go on excursions away from your city?  

9. Do you plan to go shopping a lot in Spain?  
10. How much do you plan to call home or call friends?