Spanish Language Resources

Below you can find some useful resources about studying Spanish. If you are looking for a way to practice your Spanish online before going to Spain we can recommend the free online Spanish courses at LivingSpanish. For Spanish courses in Spain there are two types of programs, private schools or studying in a university in Spain.

Salamanca University - Study Spanish at the University of Salamanca; find full information about the Spanish language courses at Salamanca University and general info about Salamanca, the uni, activities, accommodation offered and much more.

Malaga University - The Spanish language Courses offered by the University of Malaga; On this website you find information about Spanish language and culture courses offered by Malaga University as well as general information about Malaga, the university, activities arranged, accommodation offered and much more.

Spanish language courses at one of the most experiences private Spanish language schools in Spain - AASS Academia Adventure Spanish Studies - high quality Spanish classes at the most beautiful location all over Spain.