Spanish Host Families

Students who prefer to get closer to the Spanish culture and way of life are recommended to select a Spanish host family for accommodation.
Living with a Spanish host family is a great opportunity to make sure that your Spanish improves rapidly as most families in Spain rarely speak other languages besides Spanish. This might seem intimidating at first but is a sure way to improve your Spanish very quickly.

In a host family you will live as a member of the family, participate in meals, family gatherings and you will have to practice your Spanish. This is also a good way to learn more about the Spanish culture and students create a close relationship with their family.

Students who choose a Spanish host family will have their own room and house key and can come and leave as they want. The only item you have to bring is your own towel as the family will supply the rest.

Most families open up their homes to foreign students because they are interested in learning about foreign cultures but it is also used as another form of income.
Another thing to take into consideration is that host families do very often consist of elderly people who no longer have their children living at home.

We can especially recommend host families for students staying less than 3 months. It is a good way to quickly improve your Spanish and it is also our experience that students who decide to stay for a longer period prefer living on their own or with other students.

Another advantage of living with a Spanish host family is that the standard of family's home is in general higher in comparison to a student flat.