Shared Student Flats

Renting a room in a shared flat is the most popular form of accommodation for students who want to study Spanish in Spain.

In a shared apartment you will be living with other students, sharing a kitchen, bathroom and living room normally in a 3-5 bedroom apartment. The students living together will be responsible for working out the daily routines like cooking and cleaning and there is in general no supervision.

This type of accommodation is a good way to get to know other students from other countries and to make new friends but it also requires the students to be responsible and understanding of other people's needs and customs.

The apartments we use at UniSpain are all fully furnished including 1-2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a cooker, refrigerator and access to a washing machine and there will normally be a living room with dining space, sofas and a TV.

Student apartments are not luxuriously furnished, but are ideal for people who are looking for economically priced accommodation and who will like to live with other students.

All apartments we use are located within a 15 to 20 minute walk to the school in smaller cities or up to 40-50 min in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona.