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UniSpain offers a wide variety of Spanish language courses in more than 11 different towns in Spain and in collaboration with 9 public Spanish universities and more than 10 private Spanish language schools (see also our Guarantees Section where you can find copies of the official collaboration letters from the different private Spanish language schools and Spanish universities).

To help you make it easier to find the right Spanish language course for you we have divided the Spanish programs and Spanish language courses offered by UniSpain in two sections: One by location / destination and the other by type of Spanish language course.

These are just samples of the Spanish language courses we can offer you in UniSpain as several of the private Spanish language schools with whom we work arrange many types of courses, in various destinations throughout Spain.
Please contact us if you do not find exactly what you are looking for. Our Customer Care Department will be at your disposal and we have created a special Help Choosing Guide to help you find the right Spanish language course. You just have to fill out the short form thereafter you will receive a personalized recommendation. If you have any other questions about a specific Spanish course or generally about why and where to study a Spanish language course in Spain, you can Contact Us either by email, phone or fax.

Below you can find a short introduction to the many different Spanish courses offered by UniSpain as well as a short description of Spain, with facts about the beautiful Spanish country, the history of Spain and general attractions in different Spanish cities.

Spanish Courses in Spain by Destination

Below you will find a list of all the destination where we offer Spanish language courses. Might this not answer your questions, we also have a more specific section where we supply information about the availability of beaches and mountains, the population of the city or town, the weather in that specific zone, our experience on cultural interest and night life in the area, and a short discription. The section mentioned above is called Program Overview By Location.

Spanish Language Courses in - Alicante - A popular destination for its perfect climate, many free time activities and superb night life.

Spanish Language Courses in Barcelona - A modern cosmopolitan city where there are always interesting actrivities going on.

Spanish Language Courses in El Puerto - A typical Andalucian village. A small village with a very friendly atmosphere and a good place to get to know the Spaniards and their culture.

Spanish Language Courses in Granada - Between mountains and beaches. This town is a cheerful university centre surrounded by Arab reminiscence.

Spanish Language Courses in Gran Canaria - Between An island to the northwest of Africa, neighbour to Tenerife, which is well known for its all year round spring climate, Latin American culture, night-life, varied landscapes and interesting history.

Spanish Language Courses in Madrid - Spain's capital offers many different options to study Spanish and is famous for its impressive cultural attractions and vibrant night life.

Spanish Language Courses in Malaga - A sunny spot in the Southern coast. Why not combine your Spanish studies with a perfect vacation offering both cultural, tourist and beach activities.

Spanish Language Courses in Salamanca - Spain's most well know university town. This ancient university town offers an incredible student atmosphere and many interesting cultural activities.

Spanish Language Courses in Sevilla - Great atmosphere and friendly people. Sevilla is a classic Spanish city and the centre for flamenco dancing, tapas and town festivities.

Spanish Language Courses in Tenerife - An island off the African coast. Known for the contrasts in its landscape, its perfect weather all year around and its charming people.

Spanish Language Courses in Valencia - Located on the east coast of Spain, it is known for its paellas, lively festivals, mild weather and its combined status of a modern and cultural city.

Spanish Courses in Spain by Type of Course

Below you will find a list of different types of Spanish language courses we offer throughout Spain. Might this not answer your questions, we also have a more specific section where we try to help you find the right Spanish course by supplying you with general information of the Spanish courses, the hours of class and social activities outside the Spanish classes, what specific target groupe this Spanish course has as well as our experience with the type of client taking that specific Spanish language course and more. The section as mentioned above can be found here: Program Overview By Program.

Standard Spanish Course - If you are looking for a standard Spanish course / courses you can find various private Spanish language schools and Spanish universities in this section.

Intensive Spanish Course - Intensive Spanish language course / courses in private schools throughout Spain from 1 - 40 weeks.

University Spanish Language Course - Spanish Spanish language course / courses arranged by public universities throughout Spain.

Teenage Spanish Course - Special summer Spanish language course / courses for teenage students.

Mature Spanish Language Course - Spanish language course / courses targeted at mature students including special free time activities.

Business Spanish Language Course - In a business Spanish language course / courses you will learn both business Spanish vocabulary and how business is conducted in Spain.

DELE Spanish Language Course - Preparation Spanish language course / courses for the DELE exam.

Spain: An Overview

Spain MapFacts: Spain is located in southern Europe by the Mediterranean sea in the Iberian Peninsula. It borders France in the North, Portugal to the West and to the South it is only separated 15Km. from Africa by the Strait of Gibraltar. Spain has a total population of approx. 40 million inhabitants where the majority live along the coast or in its bigger cities such as Madrid and Sevilla. The climate in Spain range from subtropical in the South to moderate climate with snow in the winter in the North and Central Spain.

History: Spain has a long and unique history which dates back to 30,000-50,000 BC. and which has been influenced by the many inquisitions and foreign civilizations. Among the foreign cultures you can discover in Spain are the Celtics, the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Goths, the Moorish, the Jewish and the Catholic. For more than 600 years the Moors occupied Spain until 1492 when Catholic Kings defeated the last Moorish fortress in Granada. After this period Spain rose in importance during the discovery and trade with America.

Spain SegoviaMore recently Spain's history has been influenced by the civil war and the more than 25 years under the Spanish dictator General Franco. Today Spain is a modern country and, as the biggest foreign investor in South America, it is becoming the business center for all Spanish speaking countries.

Attractions: The special history of Spain is still very visible all over the country where you can discover monuments like the fantastic Alhambra in Granada, a Moorish fortress from the 11th. century, the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia (see photo above) or the mixture of Jewish synagogues, Moorish mosques and Catholic churches in the old town of Toledo. Spain is also well known for its museums, which hosts some of the finest collections of Spanish art. In El Prado or Reina Sofia in Madrid you can see special collections of Goya, Velazquez, Miró and Picasso or in Cataluña you can visit the house (now a museum) where Dali painted many of his famous paintings or the park of Gaudi the famous Spanish architect, in Barcelona. Apart from the more cultural aspects attracting many visitors tyo Spain, other attractions include its climate, its beaches, the incredible nature and its superb food. Andalucia (a region in the south of Spain) is a good example of why Spain is so popular. It has an average year around temperature of about 20ºC (72º F) and some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. During the winter you can practice winter sports in the mountains of Sierra Nevada and Andalucia is recognized for its typical Spanish dishes and the hospitality of the people.

Going Out: If you like going out at night you will find Spain the perfect place to visit. All over Spain you can go out for 'tapas' (a snack), enjoy live music (Spanish and US/European), dance flamenco, or go to bars and or a discotheques. You will normally find that the bars are open every day of the week and during weekends, tend to stay open until 3-4 in the morning, with discotheques until 7-8 in the morning. Another way the Spanish people get-together is during the classic town celebrations 'Las Ferias'. 'La Feria' is a Spanish specialty normally held in a big open area, which is filled up with tents, small shops and other attractions. Here the entire town is eating, dancing, singing and in general enjoying life together for 7 to 10 days a year. La Feria' is a unique opportunity for foreigners to learn more about Spanish culture and to have a good time.

For more information about Spain see this Spain Guide